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The dogs we are currently showing.....
BISS GCH CH Destiny's White Knight

Chaos began his show career getting 3 majors in his first 2 weekends out as a puppy & finished his championship in style with a fourth major bringing his total point count to 17.  After taking a year off he quickly finished his GCH with 5 grand championship majors and several nice BOV wins over ranking specials.  

Date                               Judge                         Result                      Pts    

Scarborough, ME
5/17/2013      Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine      WD/BOW         (2 points)
5/18/2013     Janet Turnage Nahikian WD/BOW/BOV  (3 points)

Cumberland, ME
6/21/2013      Michael Shoreman             WD                    (4 points)
6/23/2013        Avery Gaudin              WD/BOW             (3 points)

11/2/2013 at the Heart of New England Chihuahua Club Specialty Chaos goes Rerseve to the 5pt major under Mrs. Wendy G. Willhauck!

West Springfield, MA
​11/22/2013        William M. Gunter         WD                     (1 point)

Wilmington, MA
  1/18/2014           Lesley E. Hiltz           WD/BOW              (1 point) 

West Springfield, MA
2/2/2014             Carol Kniebusch Noe      WD/BOW              (3 points)

Cumberland, ME
6/20/2014            Robert J Whitney            BOV-CH defeat         (3 GCH pts)

Scarborough, ME
5/16/2015            Alane L. Gomez               BOV-CH defeat        (5 GCH pts)
5/17/2015            Sandra Walker                  BOV-CH defeat        (5 GCH pts)

Cumberland, ME
6/20/2015             Polly D. Smith                   BOS                          (1 GCH pt)
6/21/2015            Raymond V. Filburn Jr.    BOV                         (5 GCH pts)

Union, ME
9/3/2015 a.m.                Anthony D. DiNardo      BOS                        (1GCH pt)
9/3/2015 p.m.                  Sandra Walker           BOV-CH defeat      (4 GCH pts)
9/4/2015 a.m.                  Dorothy B. Taylor      BOV                         (1GCH pt)
9/4/2015 p.m.                 Paula H. Hartinger       BOV                         (1GCH pt)

10/31/2015 Chaos goes BESISPECIALTY SHOW at the Heart of New England Chihuahua Club morning show under judge Ingela Gram!  That afternoon he goes BOV & Best of Opposite Sex to the BISS smooth coat under judge Kathleen Kolbert!  
Hollyoak's Pocketful Of Sunshine
Sunny is a ball of "terrier like" temperament & is having a blast chasing other dogs & people at shows!  A sweet & quiet girl at home she lets it well known the second she steps out of the car at the show venue that she means business about this showing stuff. ;)  Sunny's super sound structure & showy personality help her stand out in the ring.   
13pts w/1 major

Date                                         Judge                                   Result                                    Pts  
Scarborough, ME
5/14/2015                      Rodney E. Herner                   WB/BOS                                2pts

West Springfield, MA
6/3/2015                            Peter Green                                WB                                     2pts

Union, ME
9/3/2015                      Anthony D. DiNardo                   WB/BOW                            1pt
9/4/2015 a.m.              Dorothy B. Taylor                        WB/BOW                           1pt
9/4/2015 p.m.            Paula H. Hartinger                       WB/BOW                           1pt

10/31 & 11/1 2015 Sunny goes Reserve Winners to two 4pt majors at the HNECC & HVCC specialties under judges Kathleen Kolbert & Daniel Augustus!

Worcester, MA
11/28/2015                      Susan St John Brown               WB/BOS/BOH               2pts

Scarborough, ME
5/19/2016                              Molly Martin                        WB/BW/BOS                 4pts
CH Hollyoak's Power Play
Nitro is a huge personality squished into a compact little body.  He can be seen at shows playing with his favorite cat nip mice & taking some time outs to play with the judge (when invited of course). :)  He finished his championship at 9mo old and with showing only 4 weekends, including the Hudson Valley & Heart of New England Chihuahua Club specialities.  We're going to let Nitro grow up a little more before heading out to tackle his GCH but I continue to be very excited about this sturdy little package!

Date                                         Judge                                   Result                                    Pts  
West Springfield, MA
10/18/2015                     Elizabeth Muthard               WD/BOW                              2pts

Enfield, CT Hudson Valley Chihuahua Club Specialty 
11/1/2015                          Daniel Augustus                WD/BOW                               4pts

Wilmington, MA
1/23/2016                        Bradley Jenkins                  WD/BOW                                5pts
1/24/2016                        Kenneth M McDermott     WD/BOW/BPBOB​                4pts

Cumberland, MA          
6/25/2016                      Barbara Dempsey Alderman    BOV                        4 GCH pts 

The dogs we've bred who are showing elsewhere:
Hollyoak's Brighter Than the Sun
Skye (aka Skeeter) is litter brother to our Sunny (GCH Chaos X GCH Leah).  He is owned, loved & handled by our friend Sharon Brown.

Date                                         Judge                                   Result                                    Pts  
Sioux Falls, SD
10/23/2015                  Murrel Purkhiser                            WD                             2pts

Council Bluffs, IA
11/22/2015                      Carolyn A Herbel                   WD/BOW                       1pt

       CH Hollyoak's Flirting With Fire
We'd thought Blaze would need a little time maturing before embracing the show scene but after having her out at shows a few times when her brother & sister were showing we decided to enter her & see what happened.  She came out of her first weekend with a reserve winners/best puppy & a winners/best of winners/best opposite for her first 2 points.  Blaze's gorgeous head & lovely movement make me excited to see what her show career has in store for us!

16pts w/3 majors

Date                                         Judge                                   Result                                    Pts  
Worcester, MA
11/29/2015                     David Kirkland                WB/BW/BOS                             2pts

​Wilmington, MA
1/24/2016                   Kenneth M McDermott                 WB​                                    4pts

Scarborough, ME
5/20/2016                Christine Salyers Anderson    WB/BW/BOS                         4pts

Cumberland, ME
6/25/2016                Barbara Dempsey Alderman      WB/BOS                               1pt

Scarborough, ME
5/20/2017                   Richard Bohannon                    WB/BOV                              3pts
CH Hollyoak's Midnight Sun
Jett is litter brother to our Sunny (GCH Chaos X GCH Leah).  He is owned & loved by our friend Pamela Scott & is handled by Kacie Davis.

Date                                         Judge                                   Result                                    Pts  
Tallahassee, FL

2/24/2016                      Carol Pyrkosz                            WD                                   1pt
2/25/2016                       Robin L. Stansell                  WD/BW                            1pt
2/28/2016                     Dr. Clyde E. Shaw                     WD                                  2pts

Franklin, TN
​3/12/2016                        John R. Shoemaker             WD/BW                           3pts

​Raleigh, NC
3/23/2016                       John R. Shoemaker                 WD                                  1pt

Perry, GA
4/16/2016                        Joan P. Scott                            WD                                  4pts

Waynesville, NC                                                                 
4/23/2016                      Neena L. Van Camp                 WD                                  1pt
4/24/2016                      Bonnie Linnell Clarke             WD                                  1pt

Lumberton, NC
4/30/2016                    Stephanie S. Hedgepath         WD/BW                           1pt